An hour after I read the note my parents arrived home, they seemed extremely stressed and worried as they burst through the door and knocked over the suitcases that Rebecca and I had packed the hour before. The door slammed fiercely from the strong wind and my dog Ollie started barking and ran over in excitement to see them, but he had no idea what was going on. My mum ran into the lounge room and turned on the TV to the news channel.

“extreme temperatures in victoria; 46 degrees Celsius with winds in excess of 100km perhour. Due to this Severe bushfires have hit east Kilmore and are spreading rapidly towards other communities, such as Kinglake and Horsham at a speed of 600m per 30 seconds  if you live in these areas evacuate as soon as possible”. My mum switched off the TV and screamed “ pack the car” were leaving now”. Hearing my mum say this made everything sink in; that we’ll be leaving everything behind, my home, my friends, my school and my whole childhood, and possibly when we get back it will all be gone. As we packed the car the wind picked up and we could hear screaming.” Helllpppp!!!!!” a lady screamed, we turned around and we saw the fire approaching, and we saw our palm tree catch on fire and was lighting the house


The total area consumed by the bushfires was 1,100,000 acres.


Uncontrollable lames at Bunyip State Forrest, Victoria on the 7thFebruary 2009