We quickly shut the boot and jumped into the car. By the time we were at the top of the driveway we noticed that we forgot Ollie. I ran out of the Car and Mum screams “No Rachel we don’t have enough time” but I ignored her. I stormed into the steam filled house and immediately started coughing. “OLLIE” I shouted and then I saw him, by the kitchen lying there. I ran to him, picked him up and sprinted out of the house. Finally we were on our way, even though we have no idea where we are going as the whole of victoria is close to on fire. As we drove down the distraught neighbourhood I looked out of the back window and said one last goodbye to my home, which was now burning in flames along with all the other houses. I switched on the radio again to the news report “ it has now hit Horsham and for some it is too late, the fires are spreading uncontrollably, for those who have gotten out head to the Horsham city hall. Here there will be accommodation for those who need it.” Image

smoke fills the air in the Kinglake area

source: http://www.blacksaturdaybushfires.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Black-Saturday-Bushfire.jpg