I woke up this morning ( the 7th of November)  at 9:00 am, to find myself hot, sticky and sweaty, and I thought this is unusual weather for Horsham Victoria. I got out of bed and as soon as I stood up I immediately felt faint, so I dragged myself into the dining kitchen to quench my thirst and dry throat. I sat my self at the dining table and gulped down the refreshing ice-cold water. I soon felt much better, but still extremely hot so I ran to turn the air conditioning on. Next I walked into my parents, not only to find their bed made and them in no sight, but there was also a note. It says “hi Rach, I’m sure you have noticed the extremely dry and hot weather, and it brings an extreme bushfire warning to our home. So we’ve gone to get supplies. Wake up your sister and both of you pack a bag with all of your valuables, we are evacuating. “After reading this note I was extremely scared and worried, worried about all my friends and their family and weather they have evacuated .I run to my sisters room, “WAKE UP”!!!! I scream “there’s a bushfire on its way! we’re going to die!!!” . I know that maybe was a bit dramatic, but what can I do we might die if we don’t get out of here.


the morning of the 7th November 2009, the start of Black Saturday.

Source: http://www.blacksaturdaybushfires.com.au/pictures/black-saturday-bushfires-satellite-image-3/